Reality Check on Joe Wilson


The left has made a lot of hay over Joe Wilson’s opponent’s stellar fundraising since last Wednesday. But what about Joe and what about his district?I’m told that Wilson now has collected just under $2 million dollars online and has “mountains” of mail to be opened with lots of checks there. As I said the other day, a lot of the people who’d be most inclined to give money to Joe are people like my sister and the secretary at her church — they are ‘thank you note’ and stamp activists who’ll send Joe a nice note and check in the mail.Those notes are just showing up and the pile of mail is flooding Joe Wilson’s office. They can’t keep up from what I hear.But what about Joe Wilson’s district? It’s one thing to make hay out of his opponent’s fundraising, but looking at the Almanac of American Politics, it appears leftists are wasting their money.The voters of the 2nd Congressional District have returned Joe to Congress regularly with over 60% of the vote except in 2008, which was a terrible year for Republicans. Even then, Joe Wilson beat his opponent 54% to 46%. His opponent in 2008 was Rob Miller, who is his opponent this time too. This happened for Joe in 2004 and 2006 when his opponent was Michael Ray Ellisor. For leftists who think they can get closer in 2010 than in 2008, consider the trend in the 2nd Congressional District. In 2000, then Congressman Floyd Spence still received 54% of the vote. In big election years, which 2000 and 2008 both were, the Republican drops to the mid-50’s in the 2nd, but still wins.The 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of Republican +9. The leftists may have lined Rob Miller’s pockets, but conservatives across American are keeping Wilson flush with cash.Wilson will only grow in popularity in his district and will now have gobs of money to throw to other campaigns — a generosity that Wilson is known for among the Republican Conference.

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