Familial Fall Out

Joe Wilson’s son Alan Wilson is running for Attorney General in South Carolina.I know nothing about Alan Wilson, but he’s Joe’s son and he’s coming under a withering attack because of what his father did. Shortly after the revolution, colonials would abuse and often punish the sons of tories, those who had supported King George. When the Constitution was written, the Founders prohibited punishment in treason that would “work Corruption of Blood,” or punishment extended to descendants.It is a natural tendency in the corruption of man to punish the children of those who did things wrong or perceived to have done things wrong. It’s like my neighbor heckling my 3 year old solely because she is related to me. It is part of the baser parts of human nature. And it is not right.I don’t know Alan Wilson, but I’m willing to help him if only on the principle that neither a son nor daughter should be punished for the acts of a parent. And the hate he is getting because of his dad is wrong.