Clarifying Cantor's Position

Apparently some folks have encountered an intern in Eric Cantor’s office who is doing the man no favors articulating his position on Joe Wilson.Eric Cantor was the first member of Leadership to stand with Rep. Wilson. On Sunday, he said that Rep. Wilson has already apologized, that the President accepted, and it was time to move on.Second, earlier today, at the House GOP Conference meeting – Eric Cantor spoke to House Republicans telling them they need to stand with Rep. Wilson. The Members of the House GOP applauded. The Democrats are trying to play politics, poorly – and we will stand with our guy.Here is a quote from Rep. Cantor’s speech:

“Eight months ago, the President stood before the nation during his inaugural and invoked Corinthians to say it’s time for us to put away childish things. It should have been a clarion call that it’s time for us to end our petty bickering and get things accomplished for the American people. That’s what we are sent here to do.”How ironic is it that at a time when we should be debating jobs and the shape and scope of health care reform, the majority has sidetracked on a transparently political and trivial effort to demonize the opposition? The gentleman from South Carolina has apologized to the White House; The President has accepted his apology. It’s time to end the gamesmanship and get back to work on behalf of the American people.”

Nonetheless, John Boehner tells The Hill that members will be on their own if they want to vote against Joe.

GOP leader John Boehner says that House Republicans “have to make their own decisions” when the chamber votes on a resolution to disapprove of their colleague Rep. Joe Wilson’s notorious “You Lie!” outburst.Though Boehner (Ohio) made clear on Monday that he would oppose the Democratic resolution, the leader is not going to press his membership to do likewise.

They should support Joe.