Obama's Anger Weakens Him, and Us

Jed Babbin has the top story at Human Events today.

The anger that seemed President Obama’s central theme in his September 9 speech to Congress was palpable, almost shocking.  He demanded action now, and threatened to “call out” those who — he claimed — were spreading falsehoods about his healthcare nationalization plans.  

Obama does not seem to realize that the fire and brimstone of the campaign trail have to be left behind when a man enters the Oval Office.  Presidents who exude confidence, competence and principle usually succeed.  Anger belies the self-confidence that has been Obama’s trademark.  It may soon replace it.  

Obama is, again, the incredible shrinking president.  His anger — in speech after speech about healthcare, before and after the address to the joint session of Congress — is not just unpresidential, but has a constant negative effect, a gradual whittling away of whatever influence he may have abroad that has not already been surrendered in his June speech in Cairo.