Morning Briefing for September 11, 2009


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1. Obama and the 9/11 murderers

Today is the eight anniversary of the most heinous terrorist attack ever perpetrated on the United States. Thousands of our friends, family and fellow Americans were murdered in cold blood by vicious terrorists who hated America and what we stand for.On September 19, 2001, a story ran in the Hyde Park Herald containing then-State-Senator Barack Obama’s response to the 9/11 tragedy. In this piece (quoted in this article from the New Yorker, under the heading “The Speech”), Obama expresses empathy for the murderers! Not anger, not disdain, not a word of sympathy for the victims. His concern was for the murderersFrom Obama’s article . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Conservative Activists Are Proving to be a Pathetic Bunch

Some of you will take offense at this post. Instead, you should take action.The Democrat opponent to Congressman Joe Wilson has raised over $400,000.00 since last night.What have you given to Joe Wilson. The man spoke for America. And now we need to open our wallets for Joe.It does no good to pat Joe on the back or give him an “atta boy.” Joe Wilson needs us to open our wallets and checkbooks. Joe Wilson is now a serious threat to Barack Obama because he dared point out that the Emperor has no clothes. The left will target him. The left will target his family. The left will try to destroy Joe Wilson.We can stop the left. But we must give generously to Joe.Prove that conservatives are not pathetic activists. Put your money where your mouth is.Give to Joe.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Media Matters Lies. Joe Wilson Told the Truth

The Media Matters guys are out lying today about Joe Wilson.They are crying to everyone that the Democrats’ health care legislation specifically excludes illegal aliens from health care.It does.But only a confused moron like David Brock and his minion would be so vapid and shallow as to take Congress at its word (they never would if it were a Republican plan).The Democrats have blocked specific Republican attempts to require citizenship verification to get on the government plan. Why? The State Medicaid agencies are given the ability to set eligibility standards for the low income subsidies that will be used for the plan. And they have no incentive not to enroll illegal aliens, particularly since it’s a 100% federal match.So doctors are not required to verify citizenship because they and the states will get greater allotments the faster the rolls grow. H.R. 3200 claims to block illegal aliens from the plan, but provides incentives to ignore citizenship.It is like telling a kid that it is against the law to drink, but then specifically not enforcing the law, nor providing any money or manpower to enforce the law.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Why You Cannot Trust Barack Obama (Again)

Last night, Barack Obama said:

Now, I don’t believe malpractice reform is a silver bullet, but I’ve talked to enough doctors to know that defensive medicine may be contributing to unnecessary costs. So — so — so I’m proposing that we move forward on a range of ideas about how to put patient safety first and let doctors focus on practicing medicine. I know that the Bush administration considered authorizing demonstration projects in individual states to test these ideas. I think it’s a good idea, and I’m directing my secretary of health and human services to move forward on this initiative today.

Kathleen Sebelius, the former Governor of Kansas, is the current Secretary of Health and Human Services. But there’s a fact about Sebelius’s biography that Barack Obama hopes you never find out . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Who’s Doing More for Economic Growth: Barack Obama or George Bush?

Today the White House patted itself on the back for an economic ’stimulus’ which they claim is proving incredibly effective at restoring economic growth.The primary reason that things are going so swimmingly is that the White House is pumping money into the economy.But while the Obama administration asserts that it has spent something less than $280 billion of the stimulus bill so far, the ’stimulus’ is not the only federal policy effectively ‘putting money’ into the economy. According to a 2007 estimate by the Congressional Budget Office, President Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts are putting $245 billion into the economy this year, and $269 billion next year. What is the economic effect of the Bush tax cuts? Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. What Charlie Crist Hath Wrought on America

Behold Florida’s new Senator. He is Charlie Crist’s errand boy.George LeMieux is undecided on government run healthcare and he supports Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. He has taken his first act as a Senator: he blocked a plan to allow drilling off the Florida coast.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Democrats Dying for Good News are Grasping at Obama’s Health Care Illusions

The Democratic party has massive pent-up demand for good news on health care — i.e., they haven’t had any and Obama’s brightly colored abstract art painting of a health care speech has temporarily put the Democrats in a trance like state.They will snap out of it, because the experienced veterans of health care warfare will help them.One very experienced Democrat, a former Senate staffer who appears ofter on cable talk shows was very, very angry this morning. He believes Obama has completely destroyed the chance the nation had to get health care reform accomplished.Please click here for the rest of the post.

8. Big Government, ACORN, and tax advice for underaged brothels.

So, Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government wanted to start off with a splash – and they’ve certainly done so, thanks to the post Chaos to Glory. In it, James O’Keefe with an associate to ACORN’s Baltimore office, with the story that the associate is a prostitute who needs to set up her income – and the income of a baker’s dozen of underage El Salvadoran illegal immigrant prostitutes – to fund O’Keefe’s political campaigns. ACORN of course immediately informs them that they are depraved abusive monsters, throws them out, and calls the cops…Please click here for the rest of the post.