GOP "Cranks"?

A political party controls the United States Congress. That party holds congressional hearings on whether a Vice Presidential candidate sneaked on board an SR-71 Blackbird, flew to Spain to negotiate the delayed release of American hostages, and threw the election.That conspiracy theory was Gary Sick’s. He postulated that then Vice Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush sneaked on board an SR-71 Blackbird, flew at supersonic speed to Spain, and convinced the Iranians to not release American hostages until after Ronald Reagan was elected. The year was 1980. Bush was not even an elected anything at the time.Congressional Democrats took this so seriously they actually held hearings on it. They held the hearings over a decade later, when Bush had become President.But the media doesn’t like to talk about how the Democrat Party has been and is led by a group of crazies. Instead, they want to talk about the GOP. According to the Politico, in what amounts to an opinion piece on the news page, the GOP is led by a bunch of fringe people.In other words, the White House can create a special position for Van Jones, a 9/11 Truther, but the GOP cannot raise hell about what the Democrats are doing to health care in America.And who does the Politico solicit from the GOP side for agreement with their premise? A bunch of liberals.Mark McKinnon, who loves Obama and wouldn’t dare lay a hand on him during the general election, thinks the GOP is led by “crackpots.”Same with John Weaver who took his marbles home (those he had not lost) because people wouldn’t listen to him. He became a Democrat anyway.Vin Webber. Good grief.Brian Jones, formerly of the RNC, who is a McCain loyalist.About the only person who is not riddled with self-loathing and thus competent to weigh in on the matter is Senator Cornyn, who said, “Anybody can say what they want, they can identify themselves as a Democrat, independent, a Republican, a socialist or whatever they want to call themselves. That doesn’t mean they were representative of a political party or the mainstream of a political party.”Precisely. The Politico spends its time trying to connect Birthers to the legitimate party apparatus despite everyone from Ann Coulter to me ridiculing them. The Politico never spent its time giving equivalent exposure to the “Impeach Bush” efforts in leftist bastions across the country, the crazy conspiracies that the left treated as mainstream, etc.This just means we’re winning.