From the Mail Bag: Wishing Someone Guns Down Joe Wilson

This one is one of the classiest I’ve gotten in the last 48 hours. You should see all the hate mail I’m getting — a lot of it directed at me personally for calling Joe Wilson a great American hero:You stay classy Mr. Henry Lowe.

From: Henry Lowe [email protected]
Subject: Red State conservatives
Date: September 11, 2009 8:26:19 PM EDT
To: [email protected]

I pray DAILY that all of you racist, right wing conservative TRAITORS die poor, disenfranchised, and disgraced…and VERY SOON! Joe Wilson and all of you confederate TRAITORS who think like and support him should all find no safe haven in this country.May Joe Wilson live in constant fear that he will be neutralized, at his favorite restaurant, in a shopping mall, or on a family vacation. I pray some patriot gives that racist demon what he deserves, very soon.I see a day soon when all of you racist conservative TRAITORS will be attacked on a daily basis. I pray you are extincted politically and socially, America’s democracy depends on it. You are all a cancer on this country. May your days on this earth be days of profuse and intense suffering, and may your reservations in hell be filled very SOON! You TREASONOUS sons of bi*ches are domestic terrorists, and I pray we use the Patriot Act to rid our nation of you hypocritical, inbred, racist, ignorant scummy pigs and dogs.I KNOW my prayers will be answered before long.

At least he didn’t use the F word like so many of the others.You know, these emails really started pouring in after Rachel Maddow mentioned my “Great American Hero” post. I wonder if these are all Keith in disguise.