Morning Briefing for September 10, 2009



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1. A Black Man Became a Walking Red Herring Last Night

This was not a speech worthy of a national night of media coverage before a joint session of congress.

This was a partisan speech full of rubbing Republicans’ noses in his legislative policy preferences.

Americans tonight are suffering pre-traumatic hemorrhoid disorder, knowing Barack Obama’s government is about to rape their wallets, destroy their wages, and force government healthcare down our throats.

We were treated to a vainglorious, pompous ass playing politics with healthcare while accuses everyone else of playing politics. And he spent the whole hour lying through his teeth.

Barack Obama has signed on in toto to the Democrats’ healthcare plan, including a public option. He said that the plan won’t fund abortions. But it will. In fact, the Democrats specifically cut out of the legislation clear language to prevent funding of abortions. Moreso, the Hyde Amendment, which Barack Obama hides behind, would not apply to this legislation because the Hyde Amendment only applies to Department of Health and Human Services appropriations and, get this, the Democrats have decided that healthcare expenditures will not be in the HHS budget. Therefore, abortions will be paid for.

More importantly, Barack Obama said the plan will not cover illegal aliens. This is a lie. Joe Wilson was right. The legislation clearly says it will not fund illegal aliens BUT the legislation also prevents anyone from checking on the citizenship status of any person seeking healthcare. He is trying to have it both ways.

The entire speech from Barack Obama was loaded with half-truths and flat out lies. For example, he said he would not force the government option on anyone. But, the legislation provides an incentive for private employers to shove their employees onto the government plan.

Likewise, the President says individuals will be able to keep their insurance even when the switch jobs. That is not true. According to the Democrats’ legislation, if an employee switches jobs, they must get on a government approved plan and then can never get off it.

The President also tried to claim that this $900 billion plan will not add to the deficit. He will pay for it without tax increases he said. He said, instead, he’ll save money by reforming present healthcare. Why not do that now? Even so, the Congressional Budget Office says the total savings from stamping out waste, fraud, and abuse would barely be a dent in the overall costs of the legislation.

The President was short on details, high on rhetoric, and much too partisan on this issue. He wants to work across the aisle, but on his terms with a pre-existing failed Democrat plan.

Whatever the President did not accomplish tonight, he waved around the cadaver named Ted Kennedy as a distraction. It is a good thing Ted Kennedy drank as much as he did, because his corpse held up well as Obama dragged it through the aisles of the House of Representatives like Achilles dragging Hector across the plains of Troy. It was a disgusting display of distraction by a man who has staked his Presidency on the destruction of the American healthcare system.

We must help him fail.

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2. Joe Wilson: Great American Hero! Bob Bennett: Unrepentant Fool

Joe Wilson has been identified as the Republican who yelled out that Barack Obama was a liar.

He gets a drink on me!

CONTRIBUTE TO JOE WILSON HERE. Joe Wilson’s opponent raised $11,000.00 in an hour after Joe Wilson stood up to Barack Obama. We must help Joe Wilson.

Bob Bennett (RINO-UT) was the only Republican who stood up and clapped when Barack Obama bashed Sarah Palin over the death panels. That jackass should be taken out in a primary.

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3. Are the Fowlers Just Generally Dirtbags? Because Carol Fowler Sure Seems To Be.

Carol Fowler, Chairwoman of the South Carolina Democrat Party, like her husband, is a dirt bag.

“Once again a South Carolina Republican has embarrassed our state,” Fowler said in a statement, making a nod to scandal-plagued governor Mark Sanford. “Never has any member of Congress shown such disrespect for the president during a speech.”

Really? You want to go there?

We caught Carol’s husband last year relishing the thought of a hurricane striking New Orleans during the Republican National Convention. A week later, Carol Fowler said Sarah Palin’s only qualification to be Vice President was that she hadn’t had an abortion.

Are we really going to let Carol Fowler lecture anyone on decorum? The woman is a dirtbag.

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4. The conversation we wish Obama and Rahm were having tonight

After tonight’s abomination of a speech, this would be such an appropriate discussion for Barry and Rahm. Alas, it’ll never happen . . . (go to the post for the video)

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5. Obama’s DC voucher hostages forced to listen to his lecture on opportunity

The federal government has effectively unfettered control over one school district in all of America : District of Columbia Public Schools. It is one of the worst in America, combining the normal graft and chicanery of Democrat inner city political machines with the spectacularly incoherent guiding hands of 536 little czars. I’m sure you’re just as shocked as I am that the DCPS spends the most per student in the nation, and tests lowest in the nation.

All hail federal control!

So say we all!

Let’s do the same for health care!!!

(wait a minute…..)

So naturally, Mister Hope and Change cares deeply about the kids trapped in that horrid, hopeless environment, in a city with the 5th highest murder rate. Right? After all, he smiles just right and says “Hope!” “Change You Can Believe In!” “Republicans are evil!” and other inspirational droplets of wisdom.


That would be no. . . .

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6. Want to talk to John Kasich, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Rounds, or some other Republican Governor?

Tonight I will be the moderator for the Republican Governors Assocaition’s Health Care Town Hall.

It’s going to be by telephone. You can call in and take part — asking questions, listening, etc.

If you want to be a part of this, go here and sign up.

The event will begin at 8:30 p.m. ET tonight.

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7. John Holdren. Science Czar. Exceptionalism Denialist.

You might remember John Holdren from a previous post – one where it was noticed that the man was on the record as considering the government to have the right to force a woman to not have a baby. As I recall, it was loudly and repetitively declared at the time that thirty years was plenty of time for Holdren to modify his extremist, anti-choice views on reproductive rights. Which is an interesting argument, but I’m curious: is two years enough for him to do the same moral development, when it comes to denial of American exceptionalism and rejection of capitalism?

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8. Where In The World is Robin Carnahan?

Missouri’s current Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, is currently the only Democrat who has declared candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by current Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond. But since Ms. Carnahan declared her candidacy, she has been strangely silent about pretty much anything pertaining to national issues or the MO Senate race. So …. Where In The World Is Robin Carnahan?

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9. Lives Shattered by Government-Run Health Care

As the debate on health care continues, liberals in Washington continue to try to convince Americans that we need government-run health care. Rather than tell the truth about long waits, denied treatments, lack of trained professionals, and bureaucratic mistakes, they try to convince listeners that the problems of the current system can only be solved by more government.

With that in mind, I will present one case study of government-run care per day – either for 100 days, or until the debate in Washington is over. These stories are drawn from the book Shattered Lives, by the National Center for Public Policy Research.

This is story number two . . .

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