Morning Briefing for September 9, 2009



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1. The September Rasmussen Public Trust Numbers.

The Democrats may simply have to accept the fact that they no longer can automatically count on the trust of the American people on any topic.

September 2009
August 2009
Issue Dem GOP Diff Dem GOP Diff Shift
Health Care 44% 44% 41% 44% (3) 3
Education 45% 40% 5 38% 41% (3) 8
Social Security 43% 41% 2 39% 43% (4) 6
Abortion 37% 44% (7) 36% 46% (10) 3
Economy 39% 47% (8) 40% 46% (6) (2)
Taxes 40% 48% (8) 35% 51% (16) 8
Iraq 37% 47% (10) 42% 42% (10)
Nat’l Security 39% 51% (12) 43% 47% (4) (8)
Gov’t Ethics 34% 35% (1) 34% 31% 3 (4)
Immigration 33% 45% (12) 35% 43% (8) (4)

Seven out of ten, and one tie. The good news for the Democrats is that they made some decent recoveries from August’s numbers; the bad news is that August was really bad for them, so they’re still trying to make up ground.

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2. Lives Shattered by Government-Run Health Care

As the debate on health care continues, liberals in Washington continue to try to convince Americans that we need government-run health care. Rather than tell the truth about long waits, denied treatments, lack of trained professionals, and bureaucratic mistakes, they try to convince listeners that the problems of the current system can only be solved by more government.

With that in mind, I will present one case study of government-run care per day – either for 100 days, or until the debate in Washington is over. These stories are drawn from the book Shattered Lives, by the National Center for Public Policy Research.

This is story number one . . .

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3. On the NRSC Memo: What About Florida and Texas. And Fiorina?

I don’t know a single Republican leaning blog that got tipped off about Senator John Cornyn’s memo to the Senate Republican Conference. But The Hill, CNN, and other media outlets were furnished sneak peaks of it.

Finally, CNN released the text. What is more interesting about the memo is what it does not say than what it does say. Let’s dive in.

First, there is no mention of Florida. Remember Florida and Charlie Crist? By the way, watch this.

In Florida, the NRSC first drew the ire of the conservative blogosphere by lining up behind the fundamentally flawed Florida Governor, Crist. Crist made headlines when Barack Obama referred to him as his favorite Republican after Crist engaged in some love banter over Obama’s stimulus and environmental policies. Crist, too, is a cap and trade fan.

There is no mention of that seat.

Now, some might say that this is a seat already held by the GOP, so why highlight it. Except, the memo does mention Kentucky and Missouri — both held by the GOP.

Is the failure to mention Florida a way of avoiding awkward questions about Crist’s appointing his errand boy to the Senate?

Cornyn, a Senator from Texas, also does not mention Texas. The NRSC has failed to rally around Michael Williams, despite repeatedly fluffing up the media talking points on diversity outreach initiatives in candidate recruiting.

Is the failure to mention Texas a hint that Kay Bailey Hutchison may not continue her gubernatorial run, choosing instead to stay in the Senate?

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4. Massachusetts succession crisis!

Alarmingly, House Kennedy lacks a suitable heir to the vacant Senate seat! The last real possibility declined to be elevated to the position.

For those keeping track: this is the Kennedy that makes six figures running a nonprofit organization and who cozies up to Hugo Chavez. He’s not the anti-science Kennedy with the crazy beliefs on autism; and he’s not the Kennedy with the drunk driving problem… to be more specific, he’s not the Kennedy currently in Congress with the drunk driving problem. He’s not even the Kennedy that had the song “Sweet Caroline” written for her; which is a shame, because as near as I can tell that’s the most useful thing that any of the younger generations of Kennedy aristos have been associated with in my lifetime.

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5. White House: It was all Valerie Jarrett’s fault!

The current White House Counsel is Greg Craig, and he is hated by progressives. Partially it’s due to him being the public face of Obama’s complete capitulation on FISA, back when it became clear that he would need to do that if he ever wanted to be elected President; partially because he’s a Washington insider who is also friends with Karl Rove; and mostly because they think that he’d make a great scapegoat for this administration’s foreign policy / counter-terrorism problems. Hence the rumors last month that he was going, probably. All of which would put him in a different faction than, say, Valerie Jarrett – who, of course, gushed over Van Jones, back in the day.

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