Morning Briefing for September 8, 2009



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1. The Van Jones resignation raises more serious questions

The Politico has a detailed article on the Van Jones resignation that raises some serious questions.

At two separate points in the article, we’re treated to the bit of White House spin that Jones was a “low level” employee.

But there is a problem with this. His job was specially created for Van Jones.

This raises some very, very serious questions that need to be answered . . .

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2. The Obama Depression Deepens

The Administration’s mismanagement of the economy continues to take a heavy toll. In August the economy lost 216,000 jobs, roughly equivalent to the population of Reno, NV, just in case Harry Reid is interested. Over 5 million Americans had been out of work for over 6 months. Over 9 million were working at part time jobs because that was all they could get. Another three-quarters of a million were no longer bothering looking work. If workers who have accepted part time employment and discouraged workers were included with the unemployed, the unemployed rate would now be in Jimmy Carter country at 16.8%.

Speaking of Hope and Change, the Change came through in August with average hourly wages increasing by six cents, or $124.80 a year. Woo hoo, time to party like it was 1979.

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3. Van Jones Should Not Get a Pass With an Apology. Barack Obama Should Not Get A Pass by Throwing Him Under the Bus

It is objectively clear that Van Jones is a 9/11 Truther.

I’m also hearing that many in D.C. expect Jones is on his way out and it might come as soon as 5:00 p.m. today — the start of a 3 day weekend with the President out of town so it can all blow over.

Despite Van Jones’ name appearing on a 9/11 Truther petition in 2004, Jones denies any knowledge of the events.

Even though Jones denies any knowledge of the events and failed to demand a retraction, he apologized for the same events.

However, the organization that put together the petition says this is nonsense. Van Jones gave permission to be the petition.

On January 8, 2002, Van Jones participated in a March to demand the truth about 9/11. The march was heavily connected with people who believe 9/11 was an inside job.

There is, however, a greater question: who signed off on a 9/11 truther to work in the White House? Given that he made office statements as recently as a month or two before he started his job, you’d think someone had to give him a pass despite what the vetters found out. Who did that?

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4. And just like clockwork, the Van Jones race baiting begins

In Saturday night’s late-night diary about the Jones resignation, I commented in the discussion threads that before the day was out today (Sunday), cries of “racism!” would sound. And just as predictably as the sun rising in the morning, there they are.

From page 2 of the Politico story, published late Sunday . . .

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5. Our EPA: Keeping the Environment Safe for … Mayflies?!

Even though Iron Eyes Cody, the Crying Indian, was a fake, he had a point: America in the 60’s had become a nasty place. You used to see people throw all kinds of litter out of their cars; nowadays the only socially-acceptable forms of automotive litter are cigarette butts and dirty diapers. No longer do babbling brooks foam from phosphates. Emissions from cars and coal plants are cleaner, making it easier for all of us to breathe. For this, the EPA deserves at least some of the credit.

But the EPA has become the type-section for bureaucratic mission creep. Not content with a reasonable balance between economic growth and environmental impact, the EPA has followed the First Commandment of Bureaucracies: Expand the Mission. Or, rather, Expand the Budget by Expanding the Mission.

It would be one thing if they confined themselves to regulating dangerous pollutants and species that would actually be missed if extinct. Instead, the environmental extremists within the agency have set their sights on eliminating any human activity that has a measurable impact on the natural environment, no matter how negligible.

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6. ObamaCare, Born of 15 Untruths and Broken Promises

A few months ago, a Republican U.S. Senator told me that he pleaded with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to pressure the HELP Committee Democrats to let the Republicans negotiate and help shape the bill, since the Democrats were not listening or including the Republicans in any discussions. Senator Kennedy’s staff told the Republican Senator to take a hike. No one told Senator Kennedy’s staff otherwise. (Senator Dodd was torn between helping his dying friend and letting Kennedy’s legendary staff be his legendary staff.)

On the House side, Chairman Waxman gave the Blue Dogs on his own Committee, and Blue Dogs outside the Committee the closed mouth, no information treatment. Forget about influencing the bill, he did not tell them what was in it until it was too late. The Blue Dogs told Chairman Waxman what they wanted, he just ignored them.

All the while President Obama was publicly “reaching out” to Republicans — while his Leadership colleagues in Congress ignored Republicans, and ignored Democrats in their own party.

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7. Keith Olbermann is Television’s Norman Bates

Because of Glenn Beck’s success in forcing out Van Jones, Keith Olbermann has run crying to Daily Kos. He has decided he wants all the dirt he can get on not just Glenn Beck, but also Roger Ailes and Stu, Glenn’s producer. Keith is obsessed with Glenn. Why? Because he is jealous.

Keith, we can venture to say, also has some serious mom issues compounded by Glenn’s success. Why do you think he’s going after Stu? Clearly, Keith saw Stu dressed up as Linda Douglass. Like Norman keeping his skeletal mom in her rocking chair, seeing Stu in drag has done something to Keith’s already frail mental state.

So he’ll target Stu.

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8. Let There Be Health

Most of us here on Red State, regardless of our religious convictions or lack of them, are familiar with the contempt with which secular liberals say they regard Creationism and those who profess it. To hear them tell it, only yahoos from the all-white, all-male, rural South could possibly believe such a thing. Well, they and Sarah Palin.

In the liberal faith, being a Government gives one truly awe-inspiring powers. Just now we have six Senators on the Finance Committee, a few more Senators on the HELP Committee, and a handful of House Members who together propose to design a health care system for the United States. We spend roughly $2.5 trillion per year on health care, about the size of the GDP of the United Kingdom. Ask yourself what shape you think the economy of the UK would be in if fewer than a dozen human beings took it apart and reassembled it their way, to make it better. Yet liberals propose that we allow this to happen to the system that delivers health care to the people of the United States. And they base this proposal on their belief that human beings — so long as they work in Government — can create huge, fully-formed, incredibly complex systems with millions of moving parts that play together like a symphony.

Only yahoos from our coastal cities could believe such a thing.

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