Keith Olbermann is Television's Norman Bates

Here is your laugh for the day.Because of Glenn Beck’s success in forcing out Van Jones, Keith Olbermann has run crying to Daily Kos. He has decided he wants all the dirt he can get on not just Glenn Beck, but also Roger Ailes and Stu, Glenn’s producer. Keith is obsessed with Glenn. Why? Because he is jealous.Keith, we can venture to say, also has some serious mom issues compounded by Glenn’s success. Why do you think he’s going after Stu? Clearly, Keith saw Stu dressed up as Linda Douglass. Like Norman keeping his skeletal mom in her rocking chair, seeing Stu in drag has done something to Keith’s already frail mental state.So he’ll target Stu.And Roger.And Glenn.There’s just one problem for Keith β€” no one watches his show. The ratings suck. It wouldn’t surprise me if more people hear about RedState and me each day than Olbermann. And he thinks he can take on Beck?The fact is Glenn Beck has a large television and radio audience β€” vastly larger than Olbermann’s. And Beck has done something with his audience. He’s turned them into engaged activists, while Olbermann is dumbing down his audience and treating the rest of America like Janet Leigh in the shower.Suck it up Keith.

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