Dear John Boehner, Let Mitch Daniels Speak

UPDATE: By the way, if you agree, call John Boehner today at (202) 225-4000 and suggest Mitch Daniels give the Republican Response.

On Wednesday, September 9, 2009, Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress to pitch his his healthcare plan to the American people using the ultimate bully pulpit, some free press, and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden standing behind him clapping, though not smiling due to their botox injections.The GOP will air a response that at least some of the networks are going to cover.I would encourage the GOP to put together an impromptu town hall forum with the Republican doctors in congress answering questions.In lieu of that and because there problem is not much time to get it done, the GOP should let Gov. Mitch Daniels give the response to the President.Gov. Daniels runs one of the few states running a budget surplus right now.He has the fiscal knowledge and real world experience to explain, in laymen’s terms, the impact of Obamacare.In 1993, Gov. Campbell of South Carolina gave the response to Bill Clinton’s healthcare speech.A Governor should give this response because it will be at the state level that the greatest impact is felt. Don’t believe me? Why, Governor Mitch Daniels explains why here.The Republican Leadership should choose to highlight its fiscally responsible Governors who have turned around their states. They did it with Bobby Jindal. They should now do it with Mitch Daniels.