A 20 Year Ago Thesis Is Bigger News Than Van Jones, According to Washington Post

We now have definitive proof that the Washington Post is intentionally generating in-kind contributions to the Creigh Deeds campaign in Virginia.Having taken out George Allen over his macaca comment, the Washington Post intends to politically assassinate Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell for his college thesis written over 20 years ago.How do we know? Because of their coverage of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. The Washington Post has written exactly zero stories on Van Jones despite the very real and serious story — Barack Obama has hired, without congressional oversight, a man designated to spend $80 billion in tax payer dollars who has a very questionable recent past.Compare that to the Washington Post’s treatment of Bob McDonnell. The Virginia gubernatorial candidate and present Attorney General for the Commonwealth wrote a college thesis over 20 years ago. Instead of focusing on McDonnell’s record in office or present events on the campaign trail, the Washington Post has written nine articles about Bob McDonnell in five days.Were the Washington Post not a media operation, it would very much be in violation of campaign finance laws for its contributions to the Deeds campaign.