Morning Briefing for September 3, 2009



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1. History Repeats Itself

A President, intent on socializing the American Health Care System goes to Congress for a very rare Joint Session of Congress. Normally, Presidential addresses to Joint Sessions of Congress occur only for States of the Union or first time visits. But this, like the attack on September 11th, 2001, which prompted George W. Bush to convene and speak to a Joint Session, is a unique circumstance. There is a health care crisis in American.

He has a 1,000+ page bill. Americans are skeptical. But Democrats control both Houses of Congress.

No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama this coming September 9, 2009. I’m talking about Bill Clinton on September 22, 1993. This is history repeating itself. Only history is repeating itself as a bookend.

As Major Garrett notes, Clinton spoke at the beginning of the debate hoping to frame the narrative. Polling at the time suggested Clinton actually did move some numbers as the debate began. Now, though, Barack Obama is going to Congress after several bitter floor and committee fights followed by a raucous month at home with constituents while Obama was out on vacation.

As I said earlier today, when President Bush convened a Joint Session outside of the normal time parameters, it was because of an act of international terrorism.

Barack Obama is doing the same because of tea party activists and concerned senior citizens, all of whom his political machine, Organizing for America, has labeled “right-wing domestic terrorists.” Really. Barack Obama’s political machine did, in fact, label the tea party activists and concerned senior citizens as domestic terrorists.

Now he will reap his harvest of discontent.

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2. Barack Obama’s Green Jobs Czar Van Jones: White People are Polluters and Republicans are A–holes

Above is a paiting found at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. You can see a larger, but fuzzier, version here. [please click into the post to see the picture]

This painting appears in this video interview of Barack Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones. Mr. Jones, an unrepentant rioter, race baiter, and professional victim monger, started the Ella Baker Center.

The painting shows a Jimmy Carter looking white man on the left pointing a gun into the back of the head of what appears to be a Hispanic woman. On the right is an Orin Hatch looking white man holding a piece of paper that says “War on Youth” as he handcuffs a young black male. In the middle are young minority youths just trying to have a good time if only the evil white men would let them.

Van Jones, by virtue of being the green jobs czar, needs no Congressional approval — approval he would not get based on his record as a die hard communist and self-described revolutionary under Marxist influence.

To put Van Jones in greater perspective, consider just these two points:

He believes that “white polluters” steered poison into black neighborhoods.

He also, this year, attended a forum to promote Barack Obama’s agenda and, when asked how Republicans were able to block Obama’s agenda, repeatedly called them a–holes. He then said people around Barack Obama would need to get “uppity” to deal with the Republicans.

It is also most likely no coincidence that one of the first people to shed light on Van Jones was Glenn Beck and it is now Van Jones’s own organization, Color of Change, that is leading the boycott of Glenn Beck.

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3. Don’t Drink the Skool-Aid: Keep ’em home

That should be the motto of every conservative with children in public school on the 8th of this month. That’s the day the President will be invading every classroom that will have him with what is being billed as a general, innocuous “stay in school, do your homework” message for public school students across the country. And if there’s one thing we have all learned, it’s that we can trust the Obama administration to say what they mean and mean what they say. Right?

Why should the presidential morning announcements concern parents? Well that list is too long for a complete accounting, but let’s talk about just a few of the big reasons.

First off, Michelle Malkin walks us through the materials distributed to schools to accompany the president’s instructions address, as well as listing some of the luminaries involved in Obama’s education plans. I would excerpt, but you really want to read the whole thing. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Over at HotAir, the normally skeptical Allahpundit is advising a wait and see attitude, suggesting there will be “ample time for outrageous outrage” later. I can think of many circumstances under which that would be sage advice, none of which involve the untrustworthy Obama administration or the well-being of my children. I’m happy, in other words, to wait and see what he says. So happy to, in fact, that I do believe I’ll wait with my kids. At home.

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4. Charlie Rangel (D, NY) gave money to Democrats on Ethics Committee.

Three of them. Need I add that Charlie Rangel is currently under investigation by that committee?

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5. Cap and Trade: a job killer

You don’t have to be an economist to understand the economic situation. Unemployment has hit double digits in many states and is growing (in Ohio: 340,000 jobs lost since Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher took office) and everyone is paying the price. The stimulus has accomplished nothing (Again, in Ohio, in the neighborhood of 100,000 jobs lost since its passage) and yet the Democrats in Congress are intent on making a bad situation worse by passing legislation that would cripple American businesses and devastate families.

The focus lately has been on health care, and for good reason, but energy is an issue that should not be lost in the debate about the economy. Because Cap and Trade (H.R. 2454, the Waxman- Markey bill) is a dagger aimed at the heart of our economy. . . .

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6. Citizens Against Government Waste and Payola?

The world of Defense procurement is tough, if you’ve ever served as a program officer inside the Pentagon you know that funding projects is a bloodsport. Services and program officers compete relentlessly for resources and contractors, usually with a wink and a nod from inside the Pentagon, carry on the fight with the various appropriators when battles are lost in the Pentagon. Bismarck’s aphorism about laws and sausages can be just as aptly applied to the purchase of weapons systems.

Sometimes, however, things give the appearance of having gone just too far.

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7. Mourning the Jackalope

30 years ago in Macomb County, Michigan, white blue collar workers voted en masse for Ronald Reagan. Pollster Stan Greenberg termed these people “Reagan Democrats.” While I am loathed to cite Wikipedia on matters political, the entry factually notes that “Researchers have not tracked what political path these voters took after the end of the Reagan and the elder Bush administrations.”

Nonetheless, 30 years after Reagan’s victory, 4 Presidents later, and a sea change of employment and demographic shifts across America, David Frum is sad to see them leave. Never mind that (A) they haven’t really existed in a while and (B) they are generally to the right of Frum on the ground he wants to cede to attract voters to the GOP.

Frum mourns the loss of the Jackalope of modern American politics based on this Gallup poll.

David Frum has built his carriage house of cards on the premise that the GOP needs to reject icky conservative social issues to win back Washington. Should the GOP make big gains in 2010 without abandoning those issues, Frum’s minor relevancy today will be even less so. When you tilt at your vanity powered windmills from the carriage house behind your home, the winds of change can make you nervous.

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