Ed Feulner on Healthcare: Your Must Read of the Day

Having dinged Heritage a few weeks ago for severely muddying the water over the healthcare debate, you can’t imagine how happy I am to read the President of the Heritage Foundation bringing some much needed clarity to the issue and, thankfully, taking the mud out of the co-op issue.

The health care industry is worth $2.5 trillion a year, comparable with Britain’s entire gross domestic product and larger than that of most European countries. Can you imagine Britain’s entire economy being reordered by a few people working secretly in backrooms in a matter of weeks? What are the chances they could ever get that right?But the American people cannot take all the credit for slowing down this train wreck. Some of it should go to White House communicators who came up with arguments that were ludicrous on their face, such as insisting that a public option would introduce “competition” into the health insurance market.

On the co-op issue? Feulner and I share the same position and he hits a homerun with this concise statement:

Renaming the public option a “co-op” is disingenuous, for example. It all amounts to the same thing: a single-payer system, which means the only choice Americans would have is a government package.

Exactly. Water un-muddied, the Bob Bennetts of the world, etc. need to now take a page from Ed Feulner’s book and just say no to what the Democrats are offering.