Texas Should Put Michael Williams in the Senate

Texans have an outstanding opportunity in the coming year to make a greater impact on the national stage than any other state. Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, an African American who happens to be an outstanding, uncompromising conservative, will on the ballot for the United States Senate.There are a number of good men running for the Senate in Texas, and most are varying degrees of conservative. But Michael Williams is set apart from the pack by being extraordinarily articulate, unyielding in his conservatism, unfailing in his ability to relate conservative ideals through an inspiring life story, and able to further set himself apart by virtue of being the rarest of political animals — an electable African American conservative Republican.For years and years the media has resisted ever mentioning the fact that there are conservatives who are not white. It’s worked to the Democrats advantage. Now, in Florida, the media is confronted with Marco Rubio and in Texas with Michael Williams. If either were elected to the Senate, the media would have a much harder time ignoring that fact.But, ignore Williams’ race. It is an added selling point to combat a media narrative, but Michael Williams is not defined by his race. He is defined by his conservatism. He is defined by his ability to connect with both small town America and a thriving urban industrial America. Through his life story, Michael Williams gets how liberalism has corroded America and how conservatism can transform America, making it shine ever more brightly on the Hill.Texas, for its own good and the good of the whole country, should take a long hard look at Michael Williams and put him in the Senate. He’d be a fresh face and a fresh voice in a tired old boys club where folks go along to get along.More importantly, Rick Perry, if he is truly a conservative’s conservative, has a chance to meaningfully impact American politics and the future of American conservatism by putting MIchael Williams in the Senate.Kay Bailey Hutchison intends to resign. If Hutchison will go on and do it instead of dragging her heels, Perry could appoint Michael Williams to the Senate, automatically making Williams the front runner for next year. Perry and Hutchison, despite their clashes and opposing interests, should have the good of Texas and the country in common. They should make sure Michael Williams is Texas’ next United States Senator. And if not them? The good people of Texas should unfailingly support Commissioner Michael Williams.