Hollywood Leftists Serve As Willing Useful Idiots for A Tyrant

We all know Darryl Hannah is a pretty vapid idiot. And we know Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife, likes to channel her new-agey self into feeling good as she jets around on private jets telling you to lower your carbon footprint.What we’re learning now is that both, along with a number of other eco-activist Hollywood trendsetters is that they are willfully, actively serving as willful idiots for Ecuadorian tyrant Rafeal Correa.Why?Because there was an oil spill in the Amazon. The equation is pretty simple.

Big Oil + Evil American corporation + Jungle = leftist orgasms of tree hugging outrage.
Here’s the gist of what’s happening. 17 years after Chevron packed up and left Ecuador, the leftist President of Ecuador and his pro-tyranny environmentalist tree hugging friends from Hollywood decided to sue Chevron for a big oil spill in the Amazon.Darryl swam down to Ecuador to put her hand in the oil. Trudie got involved with the Amazon Defense Coalition. They all took after Chevron to demand it pay millions for the oil spill.The only problem is that Chevron didn’t do it. Outside observers say it is pretty clear that Ecuador’s state run oil company, Petroecuador is the culprit. But Petroecuador is not a deep pocketed evil American oil company — it, after all, props up and funds leftist dictators so it can’t be bad.Well, new videotaped evidence reveals just how badly Darryl Hannah, Trudie Styler, and Rafeal Correa want to get Chevron.

Chevron is asking the Government of Ecuador to disqualify the judge presiding over the lawsuit involving the company.The company has disclosed video recordings of meetings that show the judge discussing his verdict with businessmen. The judge confirms that he is going to rule against Chevron in the case and that the company will lose its appeal – even though the trial is still ongoing and evidence is still being received. And a purported ruling party official in Ecuador states that lawyers from the executive branch have been sent to assist the judge in writing the decision.The video recordings also show an individual, Patricio Garcia, who identifies himself as a member of Ecuador’s ruling party, discussing details of the $3 million bribe with the same businessmen. The bribe was sought in return for remediation contracts to be handed out by the government after the adverse verdict is handed down by the judge.

The President of Ecuador, unwilling to dig out of the pockets of Petroecuador that props up his regime, is rigging the system against Chevron.Meanwhile, the Hollywood left continues slamming Chevron for what is very clearly not their fault. And do they care about the judicial rigging against Chevron? Of course not.