BREAKING: Charlie Crist Serves His Own Interests, Not Florida's In Picking George LeMieux

Good grief.

A state lawmaker says Gov. Charlie Crist is picking his former chief of staff George LeMieux to replace Republican Sen. Mel Martinez, who is resigning.State Rep. Jennifer Carroll, who was considered for the position, said Crist told her he is choosing LeMieux.By choosing LeMieux, Crist picked the candidate he trusts most to fill out the term that expires in January 2011. That’s when Crist hopes to be sworn in as Florida’s next elected senator. Crist will make the announcement later Friday.LeMieux ran Crist’s 2006 campaign for governor. Crist then picked LeMieux as chief of staff. He left for a Tallahassee law firm in December 2007.

So LeMieux will keep the seat warm for Charlie. Once his errand boy, always his errand boy.Remember, Crist said, “I want to be well-represented in the U.S. Senate too.” It’s all about Charlie. LeMieux says he’ll be a “Charlie Crist Republican,” no doubt meaning his first legislation will be a second stimulus followed by cap and trade.UPDATED: Wow. It’s looking more and more like Crist is shooting himself in the foot.

LeMieux, who is rumored to be aiding the selection process behind the scenes, could cause some controversy, given his close ties to Crist.Picking him, said Orange County Republican Party Chairman Lew Oliver, “would only be, from a perception perspective, only slightly less damaging than appointing himself.”