Morning Briefing for August 27, 2009

FOR AUGUST 27, 2009

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1. The Coming Wellstone Effect?

Given the almost unprecedented political thrashing the Democratic Party, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Congress is receiving because of the Democratic Party’s proposed government take-over-of-American-healthcare — can the highest ranking Democratic Senator, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid really be serious when he says that he is going to re-double his efforts to pass health care reform?

Or is he just paying lip service to the death of a truly Great American, Ted Kennedy?

Say what you want about the bridge and Mary Jo, but Senator Kennedy did change everything, all the time, and he was persistent and succeeded in most of his goals. He did things that Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Waxman and President Obama and Senator Reid seem incapable of, which is reform his approach and agenda based on immovable political objects. His colleagues, however, refuse to bend, and increasingly, as a result, they will break instead.

Senator Ted Kennedy was a great legislator, that is what he did, he changed laws, all the time, and at a rate that makes virtually every other Senator look like a piker. Passing a law that is signed by the President is really difficult, and very, very, very few people do it repeatedly, over the course of decades.

Are the rest of the Democrats just greedy or just programed to self-destruct by attempting to kill Senator Kennedy’s legacy of reform by tying his name to a politically-radioactive-product?

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2. Obama’s Big Spending Numbers

Heritage’s Brian Riedl crunches some of the still-staggering numbers on the Democrats’ spending spree, including the fact that the projected 2009 budget deficit is larger than the Bush budget deficits for FY 2002-2007 (the six years when Bush had a Republican Congress to work with) combined. A worthwhile fact to recall when dealing with liberals who cannot comprehend how one could be more concerned about Obama’s deficits than Bush’s (of course, as always my concern is with spending, not deficits – deficits are just a symptom of overspending – but even then, Reidl’s point that 43 cents of every federal dollar spent at present is deficit spending is pushing into worrisome territory, especially with important sources of funding drying up).

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3. Harry Reid Wins the Prize

Well, we all pretty much knew that this was coming:

“Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said that both the Kennedy family and the Senate have “lost our patriarch” and vowed Congress would renew the push for the cause of Kennedy’s life, health care reform.”

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4. Ted Kennedy, Workhorse Lawmaker

Kennedy’s career could have been a cautionary tale for our current president, who might not have found himself in quite the fix he is in at the moment if he’d followed Ted’s example, bided his years, spent more time in the trenches doing the unglamorous work of legislating and taking the hard punches that must be taken to sell the product to the public, learning how the system works, why it works and who makes it work. Most of the changes Ted Kennedy made in this nation over his career were change for the worst – but he did, over time, make real change because he worked at it instead of just saying the word “change” and hoping it would be so.

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5. RedState Endorses Roy Blunt for Missouri

Roy Blunt has worked his way into the top ranks of Republican leadership in Congress. He has been trusted by Republican Presidents for many years with candid advice. He is relied on even now by Republicans in Congress as they struggle to keep the team together in opposition to the siren calls of compromise with the Democrats.

More critically, Congressman Blunt is now seeking to become the next United States Senator from Missouri. As we fight to take back Congress, we need men like Roy Blunt on our side. Winning the open senate race in Missouri is necessary should we want to take back the Senate and, at a minimum, prevent the Democrats from having a filibuster proof Senate.

Today RedState is pleased to endorse Congressman Roy Blunt for the United States Senate.

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6. Pelosi Radioactive in… California?

It’s no surprise when a Southern Democrat in a GOP-leaning seat – someone like Parker Griffith – runs like a scalded dog from Nancy Pelosi. Indeed, if Democrats hold a narrow edge in the House after the 2010 elections – a genuine possibility – they will nervously count the Blue Dogs to see how many will withhold votes from Pelosi.

But it should be surprising that even Democrats in California are trying to distance themselves from her.

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