Is Panetta Headed Out the Door?

Yesterday I told you guys I had a credible though unconfirmed rumor that Leon Panetta had sent his resignation letter up the Barack Obama’s vacation retreat.

Spencer Ackerman, not known to believe the government when ChimpyMcBushitlerHalliburton ran it, took the CIA’s denial at face value.

Likewise, George Little from the CIA emailed me this:

I read your post at redstate.com. I don’t know where these rumors are coming from, but they’re simply false. There’s nothing to them. If ever you hear this sort of thing, it’s always beneficial for accuracy purposes to contact us.

Now, I tend to take these things for face value and having the “Spokesman, CIA Office of Public Affairs” email to deny it suggests to me that there is nothing official happening.

But I am hearing from really good sources that Panetta is leaving. Brian Ross from ABC News is also reporting that Panetta is done. So perhaps a letter was not sent, but something seems to be happening and I’m told it is all related to Eric Holder’s latest actions.