Chris Carney (D-PA) Hints at Wanting Socialized Medicine In a Moment of Loosened Lips

Brian Faughnan noted the other day that up until this year Democrats have been pretty open that the “public option” was intended to be a back door into universal socialized healthcare.Barney Frank, too, has pretty strongly hinted at that.Up in Pennsylvania, Chris Carney, a liberal Democrat who tries his best to seem moderate, kind of sort of let slip in a town hall that, in fact, he favors the full socialization of the American healthcare system and views the public option as a back door to universal healthcare.

Rather, Mr. Carney said, he wants a bill that ensures insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions and allows people to take their health care coverage with them if they change jobs, a concept known as transportability.”A public option is something that may get us what we really want,” he said.

What does Chris Carney really want? Well, the language of the legislation itself provides a roadmap to what Carney wants.Under the Democrats’ plan, businesses will get a $4,000 per worker incentive to push people onto government healthcare. (SOURCE)Additionally, individuals who leave their current insurer for any reason – whether it be moving to a different state or changing to a different employer – will be forced to purchase a new government-approved private plan or to enroll in the government-run, taxpayer-funded “public option” for their health coverage. (SOURCE)It all leads to socialized, universal healthcare. This is all in the legislation. Carney, by the way, was at a townhall recently acting like he has read the bill. When people told him what is in the bill, he replied that the issue “is not in the bill.” Only later did he say, “The bill has not been written yet.”

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