Morning Briefing for August 21, 2009

FOR AUGUST 21, 2009

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1. The Death Panels Are Real. We Have the Video.

The “Death Panels” get liberals hackles up more than the thought of “rationing” healthcare.

But let’s be real. Given limited resources and government funding, at some point your healthcare will be the subject of a cost/benefit analysis by a government bureaucrat.

Now here’s the funny thing: it is already happening.

We posted on this earlier, but the clip over 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

For those of you who have radio shows, etc. and want to run this, I’ve pared down this news story to a manageable 1 minute and 28 second segment.

You can easily catch what’s going on — a lady’s doctor recommends she get medical treatment. The state run healthcare system says no and refers her to an assisted suicide specialist. The bureaucrat in charge of what amounts to a real death panel admits that the money could be better spent elsewhere, so the patient is going to have to die.

It is an inevitable fact of life that the more the government outlays to keep you alive, the more your life becomes subject to a cost/benefit analysis.

Here’s the audio/video proving death panels are, in fact, real.

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2. DNC Admits Barack Obama WAS Collecting Information on People Via [email protected]

Greg Sargent, doing his part as a mouthpiece for the online left, is trying his best to deflect concerns over [email protected], but in the process reveals that Democrats are now admitting the White House collected data on individuals from [email protected]

Here’s the deal — and you’ll have to pardon wading through the stupid that is Greg Sargent regurgitating DNC talking points:

John Cornyn has a contact form on his Senate website.

You can contact Cornyn by filling in your name, address, etc. and sending an email note.

Greg Sargent breathlessly reports that . . .well . . .

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3. Now the Left is Just Making Stuff Up About Glenn Beck

The left is trying to off Beck’s career. They’ve started harassing any company that advertises during his time slot on Fox. And now they are downright giddy that Beck has been taken off the air this week.

Except he hasn’t been taken off the air.

Beck is on vacation. The vacation, according to multiple people directly affiliated with Beck’s program, has been scheduled.

In fact, they even produced an email from July listing this week as Beck’s vacation.

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4. It’s pretty bad when you have *Air America* calling you a liar, Mr. President

You really have to give the Air America hostess credit for the phrase “charming liar”. This recording is just unbelievable, considering the source.

Don’t be afraid to click on it and listen – this is the sweetest thing you’ll hear all night. It’s amazing that he has come to the point of antagonizing his own party and supporters just as much as he does us.

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5. Moderate GOP Senators Grassley and Snowe Back Off Broad Spectrum Health Reform — Cook Warns Dems of Loss of Seats

The Washington Post is reporting that Senator Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, has been convinced by his August recess experience (like this one) to stand-down on broad spectrum health care reform. The Post also quotes Senator Snowe, one of the three Republicans that make up the Gang of Six negotiating health care reform with the Chairman Baucus, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, as saying the main take away from the August recess is that people like their health care the way it is now.

The effect of Grassley and Snowe backing off means Obamacare can never — not ever — get 60 votes in the Senate, because Senator Grassley’s and Senator Snowe’s agreement would have put enormous pressure on the moderate Democratic Senators to play ball on the Obama plan. And if you read between the lines of Senator Grassley’s quotes in the Post story, it is clear the American public do not believe the President’s campaign promise “if you like your plan you can keep it.”

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6. Obama bemoans those who bear ‘false witness’ against Obamacare as he bears ‘false witness’ himself

There he goes again. President Obama bears “false witness” as he complains about others bearing “false witness” against Obamacare.

A “scripted” online discussion about Obamacare conducted with a “friendly audience” of religious voters and pastors Wednesday, ended with Obama “bemoaning those who bear ‘false witness’ against his plans — and then making a claim of his own that’s been widely shown to be false”

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7. God and Gog: It’s Like Christ and Anti-Christ Join Forces on Super Best Friends

Barack Obama got on a call with some rabbis begging them to help sell Obamacare (separation of church and state, anyone?)

Obama declared us, not servants of God, but in a partnership with God to kill all the old people, or something like that.

Michael Goldfarb notes in a call to Jewish leaders, Obama said, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”

Partners “in life and death.” Really? So this is a tacit admission that Barack Obama’s government is going to play a role in matters of death?

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8. Geithner on Energy: ‘What, Me Worry?’

Back in May, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner penned a letter that lays out in glorious detail the misconceptions and wrong-headed thinking that pervade the Obama Administration’s approach to energy and the environment, taxation and to the economy in general.

The letter was a response to one written by Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA7) (a member of the Ways and Means Committee), expressing his concern for the Obama Administration’s plan to rescind certain oil and gas tax deductions which they characterize as “loopholes”. The economy of Louisiana’s Seventh District, in the southwest part of the state, is heavily dependent on the oil and gas, oil service and petrochemical industries. To paraphrase Boustany’s basic question: How many jobs will my district lose, Mr. Secretary, when you “close the tax loopholes” on oil and gas drilling and production?

Secretary Geithner’s reply belies the Obama Administration’s hostility to oil and gas and their willful ignorance in the realm of energy policy.

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