The Prince of Darkness Goes Home: Robert Novak (1931 – 2009)

Robert Novak, one of the best political columnists and reporters to ever write, has been called home to the Lord today.If you’ve never read his biography, Prince of Darkness, you really should.Novak was not your typical columnist — he always broke news. That made his writing both unique and in demand. Novak, for many years, put together the Evans-Novak Political Report, which our parent company produced. In it, Novak covered the political scene in relentless fashion.Bob Novak was also an amazing and pugnacious political commentator, sparring for years on CNN’s Cross Fire.Tim Carney has a great piece at Human Events, as does Ken Tomlinson.Wrote Carney, who worked for Novak writing his political report:

For many of us, though, Novak’s resistance to the calls for conformity, his constant openness to new ideas and facts, and his willingness to change his mind set a crucial example.His most important change of heart was his late-life conversion to Catholicism. Brought up a secular Jew, and having lived seven decades as an agnostic, Novak entered the church in his 60s. When I went to work for him, I was considering entering the Catholic Church as well. Novak pointed me to the priests who helped answer my remaining questions and cement my faith. Novak would often tell aspiring journalists to pick a different field if their goal was to change the world. But, by simply aiming to inform and to do his job as well he could, Novak changed the lives of his readers and those of us blessed to work with him.

Bob Novak, a one of a kind reporter, will be missed.