The 'Neil Stevens is Awesome' Open Thread

Thanks to Neil, Steve, and Henry our site is now smoking fast and can handle significantly more traffic.The other day I got an email from “DaveinBoca” who really went on a rather insulting tangent about site operations. I understand his frustration, but geez — while we hate 500 errors, let’s get serious — our traffic is fantastic these days. Growing pains are a good thing.DaveinBoca said he’d never, ever, never come back before throwing in a few personal shots at me. Oh well.For the rest of you, thanks for your continued support. And we really could not have done all this except for Neil and the gang at Eagle. We very much appreciate it.Consider this an open thread.UPDATED: I forgot to add Prashant who, I’m told, like Henry is now sleep deprived because of his dedication to helping us.