Charlie Crist's Florida Shrinks. People Fleeing the Crist Economy

Whodathunkit? People are fleeing Florida because of the recession.It used to be the sunshine state.Unfortunately, under Charlie Crist, the Sunshine State is now the Sunset State.Crist, who has pushed a host of liberal economic initiatives in Florida and then tax increases to pay for it all, is running for the United States Senate as a Republican.But Crist supported Barack Obama’s economic stimulus (lotta good that did), supports cap and trade, and supports restrictive energy policies. Every single one of these policies hurts the economy.As Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist has done his best to implement ridiculous state level schemes like Barack Obama is doing at the national level.Now, to quote Rev. Wright, the chickens are coming home to roost — or rather they’re skipping the early bird special and fleeing.Republican in Florida have a stark choice. Do they want another establishment Republican in the United States Senate, or do they want a common sense conservative who believes in both smaller and more responsible government. The former can stick with Crist. The latter should go with Marco Rubio.