"Opportunity in Crisis" is Failing

If you remember, Rahm Emanuel noted after the 2008 election that the Obama administration should not fail to seize crises as opportunities. The administration did it with the stimulus, they’ve tried with cap and trade, and now they are trying with healthcare.My friend Greg Mueller suggests the strategy is failing.

Obama’s “opportunity in crisis” agenda initially lost him the Republican vote he won during the election. Fast-forward a few months and polls now show how independent voters are drifting away from the president. As the guns of August sound over health care policy, Obama’s government takeover of health care is on the ropes and being met with grassroots intensity not seen since the immigration debate. So how are Obama and his fellow Chicago politicos in the White House confronting the dropping polls and increased angst among the electorate? They’re attacking Americans protesting at town hall meetings, attacking debate, essentially attacking free speech.

Greg rightly notes that now Republicans have an opportunity because of Obama trying to take advantage of crisis.