Doctors to Throw Pharmaceutical Reps Out of Their Offices

Interesting.I’m hearing from more and more doctors and from pharmaceutical sales representatives that the sales reps are rapidly becoming persona non grata in the doctors’ offices.Here’s the thing — PhrMA and the American Medical Association both have thrown doctors under the bus. Doctors are supposed to be represented by the AMA, a majority of doctors oppose Obamacare, but the AMA has decided to support Obamacare.PhrMA, has gone all in with the White House funding an advertising campaign in favor of Obamacare in exchange for favorable terms.The doctors are caught in the middle and made a bad guy for the White House. Twice now Barack Obama has attacked doctors publicly while refusing to add tort reform to healthcare reform — a necessity to get costs down in healthcare.More doctors should begin banning pharmaceutical sales reps from their offices. If PhrMA is going to work against doctors and, inevitably, ruin doctors’ livelihoods, doctors should reciprocate and go after pharmaceutical companies. The easiest way to do that is shut down office visits.By the way, I don’t know a single drug rep who supports the plan. It sounds like PhrMA is going the route of the AMA — screwing their own to stay in the White House’s good graces.