Left-Wing Organizing Astroturf Campaign to Disrupt Senator Jim DeMint's Townhall

The media was all too quick to play up a memo written by some guy in Connecticut on how to show up at Democrat townhall meetings to disrupt them.Will the media do the same when the left does it.This left-wing blog is organizing a disruption of Senator Jim DeMint’s townhall meeting in Myrtle Beach on August 19th.The website contains an indication that the blogger is part of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America” and refers people to Heath Care for America NOW! for “resources, talking points, and facts.” He’s also a member of the United Steelworkers Local 7898.Among the other things suggested to left-wing activists is

Bring more signs and leaflets, and whenever possible, post your signs all over the place so that you visually out-perform the other side. Make sure you have people holding signs in every place where a TV camera is likely to be and that next to every right wing sign, there’s one of your signs with your message.


Line up a number of people who feel comfortable interrupting and prepare them with statements like:

  • Excuse me, I came today to listen to Representative XXX explain how this bill is going to make health care more affordable for me and my family. We’re being gouged by insurance companies that just want to make more profits while we struggle to keep up with premiums and co-pays. Representative, how are you going to fix that?”
  • “I’m retired and can’t afford my prescription drugs because I’m on a fixed income. Representative, how is this bill going to affect me?”
  • “I want to hear the Representative speak. He’s the one voting on the bill. Representative, how will this bill help people who already have insurance at work?”
  • “What I’m worried about is how we’re going to keep the insurance companies from continuing to charge people more for being sick and keep them from taking away coverage when we need it most. What’s the plan for that?”

The media extensively covered the memo from the small Connecticut group no one had ever heard of before. Will the media cover the left actually organizing to disrupt a specific townhall meeting?