Creigh Deeds Flees the Confederacy

I said the other day that, “Creigh Deeds, Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, is running the most pathetic campaign for anything since Alan Keyes challenged Barack Obama for the Illinois Senate.” I was wrong.Creigh Deeds is running the worst campaign since that kid no one in history remembers tried to beat William Pitt the Younger for third grade class president back in the 1760’s. This is pathetic.If you will recall, Creigh Deeds started this week wanting people to know that if Bob McDonnell were Governor of Virginia, more kids would live than if Deeds were Governor.That did not work.Deeds rapidly moved on to claiming Bob McDonnell flew a confederate flag at an event. That did not work, but it did allow the Washington Post to remind people that

According to a 1999 Roanoke Times article, Deeds told legislators during that debate that: “I grew up in a house with a portrait of the Confederate flag on the wall. I grew up in a house with a portrait of Robert E. Lee on the wall over my bed.”

Deeds tossed his campaign manager after that one.But brace yourselves. Creigh Deeds has come up with a new and never before been tried before except by Walter Mondale in 1984 winning strategy.Creigh Deeds wants Virginians everywhere to know that if he is elected Governor of Viriginia, Creigh Deeds promises to raise taxes.Creigh Deeds. Winner.