Left Wing Reporter Can Barely Muster A Credible Defense of Ezekiel Emanuel

Michael Scherer is Time Magazine’s White House Correspondent. Prior to working for Time Magazine, Michael Scherer wrote for a host of left-wing publications including Salon, the Nation, and Mother Jones.It should be no surprise that Time put an Obama fan in the White House to serve as an Obama apologist. And it should be no surprise that Scherer would try to apologize for Ezekiel Emanuel, the man whose advice is rapidly leading us to a country that balances its budget with assisted suicide.What should be surprising is just how poorly Michael Scherer is able to defend Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother.One particularly egregious misrepresentation of the legislation is this passage from Scherer’s article:

The health-care bill that recently passed the House does not contain, as some have suggested, any provisions that would deny treatment to the elderly, infirm or disabled like Sola’s son. One provision allows doctors to be reimbursed for voluntary discussions of so-called living wills with patients, but does not in any way threaten to deny treatment to dying patients against their will.

Sure, a doctor will be reimbursed for “voluntary discussions”, but a senior citizen will go through these discussions every five years minimum.Then there is this bit about Betsy McCaughey whose article in the New York Post exposed Emanuel:

In her Post article, McCaughey paints the worst possible image of Emanuel, quoting him, for instance, endorsing age discrimination for health-care distribution, without mentioning that he was only addressing extreme cases like organ donation, where there is an absolute scarcity of resources.

Note the slight of hand. What Scherer does not mention is that the Democrats’ healthcare plan will expand the scarcity of resources to more than “extreme cases like organ donation.” We see this already in socialized medicine countries like Britain and Canada where long lines and long waiting lists mean more and more people die without getting life saving treatment.We also see it in places like Oregon where people are referred to assisted-suicide specialists because the state won’t cough up the money to pay for treatments.

She notes that he has criticized medical culture for trying to do everything for a patient, “regardless of the cost or effects on others,” without making clear that he was not speaking of lifesaving care but of treatments with little demonstrated value.

Put another way — and the way Michael Scherer and Ezekiel Emanuel would prefer you not to think about — McCaughey pointed out that Emanuel was talking about treatments with some demonstrated value, but not enough value to, in his opinion, be worth the state spending money.In a January 2009, Ezekiel Emanuel wrote a white paper that health care should be rationed in a way that “promot[es] and reward[s] social usefulness.” An older person, however useful and valuable to a family, may not have social usefulness. In those cases? Emanuel would deny the senior citizen treatment.No one is saying that Obama wants to shoot granny. Obama and Ezekiel Emanuel want granny to shoot herself when she becomes, according to government bureaucrats, a burden on the state.