The Kathy Castor Event Was Officially Hosted by SEIU

Image descriptionAt right is an invitation Florida State Rep. Betty Reed rushed to get printed for the healthcare event in Florida last night. Click it for a full sized PDF version.

There are a few points that are worth noting:

  1. Kathy Castor was able to keep this event off her official schedule and under the radar until the last minute because she was not hosting it.
  2. The SEIU was all in from the very beginning with this event.
  3. Betty Reed tried to have Florida taxpayers pay for the event and printing of the invitation. She was denied by the legislature because of SEIU involvement.
  4. Had it not been for RedState, Rush Limbaugh, and others, Kathy Castor would have been able to sail through last night talking only to union goons without having to answer to her voters.