National Multiple Sclerosis Society Engages in "Nazi-Like" Tactics

I got this email from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) admitting it is engaging in Nazi-like tactics:

Members of Congress will be on recess in their home districts for most of August, leaving our country’s health care crisis unresolved.

But for people living with MS, the health care crisis demands action now.

So we’re following Congress home. Hundreds of Society supporters and activists across the country are meeting one-on-one with lawmakers in their home districts. I’ll be meeting mine here in Wisconsin.

I mean, this is just what those evil, awful lobbyist paid for Republican shills are doing — going to townhalls and one-on-one meetings with Members of Congress asking them to oppose Obamacare.

Oh, what?

Oh, NMSS is supporting Obamacare? So that makes them righteous and unassailable?

Oh, sorry. Nevermind. Silly me. I thought if the brownshirts on the left did what the right did that they too could be called Nazi-like. I mean, given how much more anti-semetism there is on the left, you’d like the Nazi comparisons to the left made more sense anyway.

Sorry. Bush can be compared to Hitler, but Obama can only be compared to Jesus. I forgot.