James Carville's New Poll is so Bad For Democrats He Doesn't Want You to Know it Exists

Democracy Corps is James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s pet polling organization that always, without fail, issues polling picked up by the media highlighting how Republicans are screwed and Democrats are ever victorious.

Brian Faughnan notes a series of typical headlines from Democracy Corps announcing their polls:

  • Don’t Believe the Hype: Support for Health Care Reform is Still Fundamentally Strong
  • New Survey Shows Cheney, Sotomayor Debates Threaten to Further Isolate GOP
  • Obama Closes the Democrats’ Historical National Security Gap
  • Americans See a Lot to Appreciate in Obama’s First 100 Days
  • As Specter Leaves the GOP, New Surveys Show Republicans in Disarray

Democracy Corps has a new poll out this week. There is some curiosity to the polling. Unlike their other polls that they usher out with great fanfare, this poll was released with no announcement, no fanfare, and no media roll out.


Because the polling shows the Democrats are in a world of self-inflicted hurt.

Unlike most polling these day, Democracy Corps does try to maintain a semblance of credibility and looks at likely voters instead of all registered voters. And among their pool of likely voters, 53% of those likely to vote in 2010 think Obama is too liberal. The same number think he’s going to raise taxes. 55% think he doesn’t deliver on his promises.

Oh, and Republicans lead Democrats by 13 points on the issue of who will be a better steward of our tax dollars. Brian has more details. This comes on the heels of a DailyKos poll showing Creigh Deeds is getting slaughtered by Bob McDonnell in Virginia in part because of Barack Obama.

It’s too early to make too many comparisons to 1994, but let’s remember that Republicans are also picking up state legislative seats — 15 so far this year in special elections. Like in 1994, the state legislative elections in 1993 and the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey that year were harbingers of 1994.

Stay tuned.