Jack Conway Wants You to Know He's Tough. Just Don't Ask About His Hair Color.

Jack Conway (D-KY) is Kentucky’s Attorney General and like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, his hair goes from blond to brunette depending on the election cycle.

He’s so tough he called himself a “tough son of a bitch” at a campaign rally. His opponent in the Democratic Primary demanded he apologize for using profanity when kids were present, but Conway is so tough he refused to apologize before caving the very next day and profusely apologizing for everything other than his ever changing hair color.

When a guy tells you he is a tough SOB, he probably is not. But he might, like Jack Conway, be “Jack Tough”. And for “Jack Tough” men like Jack Conway, we dedicate this to you (it uses “SOB” so maybe NSFW):

Consider this an open thread.