If Mark Kilmer Were Here, Mark Seibel Would Have A Lot To Answer For Regarding Blackwater

Today we need to remember the greatest of Mark Kilmer.

Back on February 20, 2007, Mark wrote a post entitled “A Baghdad fairy tale from McClatchey?”

In the post, Mark pointed out a variety of anonymous bloggers used by McClatchy to smear the Iraq War and George W. Bush. It has been an ongoing thing with McClatchy. That particular news service has provided some of the most biased anti-American slanted coverage of the entire Iraq War.

Mark pointed it out.

To accept that these are anonymous Iraqis blogging for McClatchy, a notoriously anti-Bushie news service, requires a profound leap a faith. You must believe that every lefty preconception about the war and its aftermath turned out to be true. You must believe that despite the erudition of such Iraqis as Omar and Mohammed Fahdil of Iraq the Model, the best McClatchy could find were a few folks who were semi-articulate with English, who more resemble anAmerican pretending to use broken English.

This is “remarkably revealing commentary” to the anti-Bushies. The Congressional Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Caucus needs its collaborators. (What are surrender monkeys without a Vichy regime?)

So spot on was his criticism that McClatchy’s D.C. Editor, Mark Seibel, felt the need to respond, with great sarcasm, at RedState. He compounded with remarks with so much arrogance he got banned if I recall.

Seibel noted

I feel the need to defend the integrity of our Iraqi staff, who, unlike Kilmer and the few commentators who’ve added to his post, struggle daily with the reality of Iraq. They risk their lives just to go to work _ outside the Green Zone, by the way, Marcus Traianus, to address the commentator who for unknown reasons has picked as his pseudonym the birth name of a Roman emperor known for pederasty, drunkenness and a military foray into present-day Iraq that ended in disarray after initial success.

Our Iraqi staffers come from Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish households _ a staffing decision we made years ago, recognizing that those two sects and one ethnic group bring different views to the table. Perhaps commentator Holsinger would find it odd that both Sunni and Shiite believe the situation in Iraq today is tragic and insufferable.

He also went on in his comment to declare the Iraq War a disaster writing,

Kilmer doesn’t actually attack the truth of anything that’s written on the blog. [Editor’s note: Actually Mark did, but Mr. Seibel seems to lack clear reading comprehension] …. But he doesn’t like what he learns there because it runs afoul of the fairy tale he’s trying to wish to life — that Iraq has been a big success for the United States, and Iraqis are very happy about it. So he attacks what he can — falsely suggesting that the bloggers aren’t real, so the situations they report can’t be, either.

Well, well, well. Turns out Mark Seibel is at it again — this time trying to drum up negative press about Blackwater.

Mark Seibel accidentally forwarded on correspondence between himself and Jay Price, a McClatchy reporter in North Carolina.

Seibel asks Price if Price is “doing anything on the murder alegations?”

Price responds that “I would be careful about how seriously I took this stuff” and ” they shot a lot in iraq but if there were lots of intentional killings we’d know about it.”

Seibel then responds, ” I don’t know about that last part. I think there were many intentional killings.”

Follow the correspondence along here and you will see that Mark Seibel, the man who thinks we lost the war in Iraq and used anonymous and still never revealed Iraqi bloggers to help paint the picture of defeat, believes that Blackwater contractors committed “many intentional killings” for money. In Seibel’s own words, “They were driven by money.”

Note that, should you read the email exchange Seibel, the man happy to denounce the Iraq War and use anonymous bloggers to drive home the case, presumes the Blackwater employees are guilty and presumes they did it for money.

Mark Seibel presumes Blackwater employees went on a killing spree in Iraq for money. Just like he presumed Iraq was lost and it was all our fault.

And this man wants to generate a news story from that point of view. McClatchy now, like it was back in 2007, is nothing but an Anti-American propaganda machine.