BREAKING: DNC calling Republicans asking for local office details [UPDATED]

I have confirmed from multiple Republican congressional offices that, despite Democrat attempts to portray American citizens as “Nazi-like” and “a mob” for questioning members of Congress on healthcare, the DNC is coordinating activity to target swing district Republican congressmen in their offices.Multiple Republican offices have received calls from the Democratic National Committee in their district offices asking for the office hours of the office, when the Congressman is expected to be in the office, etc. Staffers in the offices are confident the data will be compiled by the DNC to send activists to Republicans’ offices to push the healthcare agenda.In other words — while the Democrats are accusing the Republicans are orchestrating protestors at open townhalls, the Democrats are going to push activists straight into congressional offices to cause scenes fit for the local newscasts.UPDATED: I just got off the phone with Congressman McCotter (R-MI). He has not seen the horde of protestors in his district that a lot of others have seen and told a reporter as much. Curiously, this afternoon the Democratic National Committee called his office asking about his in district schedule. The staffer who answered the phone asked who was calling and the person identified himself as a teenager living in district, despite caller ID showing “Democratic National Committee” with its Washington, D.C. phone number.No doubt Congressman McCotter will now see protestors accompanied by a news crew.