Marion Berry (D-AR) Goes Into Hiding


I guess Marion Berry (D-AR) does not like being ambushed with easy questions. He has decided to disappear for the month of August and only talk to select groups.

Here is an email from a RedState Gathering attendee:

Marion Berry is hiding from his constituents. I called his office to see when his town hall meetings were going to be, and Emily, the scheduler, said he doesn’t have any meetings planned—when I feigned amazement (I’m not really at all surprised), she said that he was having a few meetings with certain groups.

I guess you guys in Marion Berry’s District are going to have to go to his office to find him.

You’ll find his office at 108 E Huntington, Jonesboro, AR 72401.

The phone number there is (870) 972-4600. Try real hard to get in touch with him as he does not want to touch you.