Morning Briefing for July 30, 2009

FOR JULY 30, 2009

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1. The Four Democrat Blue Dogs Who Sold Out America

When you are calling Congressmen today, and you can get your Congressman’s name by going to https://redstate.com/action, keep in mind that these are the four Blue Dog Democrats who decided to cut a deal with the liberals in the House of Representatives.

These four men need to be called by every single freedom loving person in their districts.

Bart Gordon(TN) at 202-225-4231

Zack Space (OH) at 202-225-6265

Baron Hill (IN) at 202-225-5315

Mike Ross (AR) at 202-225-3772

Judas only needed 30 pieces of silver to sell out Christ. How much did these four need to sell out their country?

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2. Five Simple Arguments Against Government Healthcare

ne of the great benefits of federalism is that the states can act as the laboratories of democracy. If a new public policy is tried in the states and works (as happened with welfare reform in Michigan and Wisconsin), then a similar program has a good chance of succeeding at the national level. The welfare reform went national and proved to be one of the most successful public policy initiatives of the last half century. On the other hand, major governmental healthcare initiatives have been tried in Tennessee and Massachusetts. Neither of those have panned out. That should be a cautionary sign to avoid rushing ahead to just get a bill done!

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3. An Overabundance of Ironies: U.S. Senate May Get Shut Down

From a Senate source: A Senate page has swine flu. Because of this, votes may be canceled on Friday (convenient) and if an outbreak is declared they will shut down the whole complex.

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4. No Cadillac for You

Even though the government and its friends in the United Auto Workers now own General Motors, the class warrior in Obama just can’t stop thinking of “Cadillac people” as The Enemy. In a PBS interview last week, President Obama talked of “penalizing insurance companies who are offering super, gold-plated, Cadillac plans.” Ditto the Democrats in Congress. Kent Conrad (D-ND) is among those on the Senate Budget Committee who “would tax companies that offer Cadillac plans.” On Face the Nation Sunday, Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) said that a surtax on so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans might be something that the Blue Dogs could support.

OK, so what’s the message here? The first is that there is something that, as the Texans say, “needs penalizing” about buying or selling Cadillacs. The second is that people who buy or sell Cadillacs will be penalized. And the third is that Democrats from the White House on down really don’t want anyone actually having a Cadillac, or being in the business of selling them. One wonders whether any of this rhetoric has been cleared with the Car Czar.

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5. On Birthers, Obama, Muslims, and More

I’ve said for a long time now that the fixation on Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a distraction.

I think Barack Obama is a natural born American citizen because his mother was indisputably an American citizen. I think he meets the residency requirements. And I think that Justice Scalia himself would not throw the President out of office now that he has been sworn in.

The issue is moot.

Fixating on it now is wasting time, precious time, when there are other issues on which those with time on their hands can fixate.

Barack Obama not releasing his birth certificate fits a pattern of non-disclosure from the man.

Most notoriously, Barack Obama allowed is campaign to accept foreign donations, a matter that got passing mention from the Washington Post and not much else.

I’d be curious to see how many muslims from Indonesia gave to the man they consider a hometown hero.

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6. Rushing to Overspend, Again

If the White House “misread” our entire economy back in January, should we trust it to read—and manipulate—even a fraction of the economy now? Logic says no. Yet, the health care industry makes up approximately one sixth of the entire U.S. economy, and many Washington Democrats are rushing to redesign it in the next week.

Think it won’t happen? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

The push to pass the stimulus bill was frenzied and hasty. Over $787 billion was spent before you could say “shovel-ready.”

Fast forward six months.

Unemployment has climbed to nearly 10% as stories of wasteful stimulus projects are repeated on a daily basis. Whether it’s putting skylights in a state alcohol warehouse in Montana or buying a dishwasher in Colorado with money meant for meals, stimulus dollars seem to be going towards everything except creating jobs.

Now, with only a single week to go before the August break, the CBO is estimating that despite the cost-cutting rhetoric, the House Democrats’ health care proposal will increase America’s deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years.

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7. Remember the Black Panther Lawsuit Obama’s DOJ Dropped

Turns out the decision to drop the case went all the way up to the number 3 man at the Justice Department — Thomas J. Perrelli.

Mr. Perrelli was a Janet Reno flunky when Clinton was in the White House and, naturally, a Barack Obama donor.

In this particular case, the career lawyers at the Department of Justice pursued the matter, made all the calls, got a court judgment when the Black Panthers refused to show up, then the Department of Justice’s political appointees told the career guys to drop the whole case.

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8. Marion Berry (D, AR-01) not up to keeping his story straight.

It’s sad when a sitting US Congressman loses his ability to remember the basic details of the shenanigans he went through to bring in the cash. Via Boot Berry, this classic moment of what we call a Kinsley gaffe.

To those without video: it’s of Berry first confidently denying that he personally gets farm subsidies (in 2007), then (yesterday) momentarily forgetting that he denies personally getting farm subsidies, cheerfully admitting that he personally gets farm subsidies, then visibly stopping and going to himself Wait a second. I’m supposed to pretend that I don’t personally get farm subsidies. It’s the stop-and-wait-and-visible-oops moment that makes this video: by all means, watch it.

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9. Ohio and ObamaCare Abortions

Ohio is crucial to America’s future. Ohioans put George W. Bush over the top in `04. And it was when he lost Ohio that John McCain’s hopes for a come-from-behind victory went up in smoke. No Republican has ever been elected President without winning the Buckeye State.

So when Ohio talks, professional pols should listen. And Ohioans are speaking up most strongly against ObamaCare abortions. The latest poll shows more than two out of three Ohioans oppose taxpayer-funded abortions. Most interesting, the poll shows that fully half (50.7% to 31.6%) of President Obama’s voters in Ohio oppose being forced to pay for the killing of the unborn. There’s no gender gap in these figures, either. Ohio women oppose it by a powerful 66.4% to 17.1%; Ohio’s men oppose this cruel and unjust practice by 68.9% to 21.9%).

Opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion spans the entire state with the northwest recording an astounding 86.3% against. Even in northeast Ohio, 55.1% oppose. In no part of the state does this idea come close to commanding majority support.

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