Does Plaid Make You Lose Your Political Convictions?

I have an endearing soft spot for Lamar! Alexander. Having grown up overseas, I was never familiar with guns. In college, while he was campaigning for President, Lamar! came through Georgia on the campaign trail. I got to go with him to a skeet shooting event. It was my first time sheet shooting. I did horribly. But Lamar taught me how to hold, load, and handle a shot gun.

Sometimes we have to smack down our friends who wander off the reservation. I always hate knocking Lamar!, but lately he’s been deserving of several fists of conservative anger to the face.

I did so last week when Lamar! played lapdog to Barbara Boxer and co-sponsored legislation that would clearly support taxpayer funded abortion.

Hogan rightly knocks him again today for going all Lindsey on us and supporting Sotomayor.

I guess he heard about the other Lindsay showing up on the doorstep of her lesbian lover, having a breakdown, and ol’ Lamar! got confused and decided to stick up for Graham.

The taxpayer funded abortion issue, playing lapdog to Barbara Boxer, and supporting Sotomayor are inexcusable for the third ranking Republican in the Senate.

Just as inexcusable is Lamar! siding with Democrats to destroy the coal mining industry.

Alexander has introduced legislation with Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) to ban the controversial practice of mountaintop-removal coal mining. He said he hopes to stop the shearing of mountaintops in West Virginia and Kentucky and prevent a resurgence of the practice in Tennessee, which has relatively little mining but was the site of mountaintop removal in decades past.

This move will severely impact coal production, raise energy prices for consumers, and put many people out of work. It will also increase our consumption on foreign energy — something Lamar! says he opposes, but so far is doing nothing about.

Lamar! says he wants to offset this with more nuclear energy, but his allies on the coal mining issue have no interest in that. Undeterred, Lamar! has decided to shut down the industry, put people out of work, and jack up energy costs for you and me.

With Republicans like Lamar!, who needs the Democrats?

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