Malkin Goes to #1. Leftist Horde Attacks.

Michelle Malkin has done it again — another best seller. Her new book Culture of Corruption is soaring to #1 on the best sellers lists and it’s no secret why — it is a devastating blow to Barack Obama and, unlike the reality based community, is actually based on real facts.

Naturally, the leftist horde has assembled to attack her and seek to discredit her. No, they are not seeking to discredit her book, but her personally. That’s natural. Michelle did a hell of a job documenting everything she says with lots and lots of notes.

Her book is particularly timely because of the healthcare debate. In the book, she documents how Barry O’s wife got a job via earmarks at the University of Chicago’s hospital and then administered a program engaged in patient dumping.

The high-paying “community affairs” post was another make-work job no one else at the university needed to do until Michelle Obama came along. And it was a job no one else needed to fill after she left. In January 2009, Mrs. Obama’s indispensable job was eliminated as part of a massive restructuring to cut annual budget costs by 7 percent. . . . Unfortunately for many of Chicago’s poor, Mrs. Obama didn’t depart until after she helped engineer a rather un-progressive and unkind plan to dump low-income patients with non-urgent complaints from the medical center.

It’s all there and all documented. It’s also a number one best seller. It’s available right here.

Oh, and full disclosure, Regnery Publishing, which is also owned by RedState’s Beltway Overlords, published the book. That just means I got a free copy to review.