Greg Sargent Continues Carrying Water for the Left

Greg Sargent, a leftist hack who now pretends to be an objective journalist, has never been able to help himself.

Those who follow his writings at the Plum Line, where he blogs, and on Twitter, can see for themselves that he is nothing but a leftist hack with a few posts thrown in for good measure to keep up appearances.

Take today. Sargent decided to go after me and other bloggers for pointing out that the Democrats’ healthcare legislation refers to the mentally disabled as “retarded.”

It does. And Sargent does not dispute that.

What Sargent says is that rightwing bloggers like me are grasping at straws because

The phrase in question — “intermediate-care facility for the mentally retarded” — is official, long-standing terminology that’s used in Federal regulations to define certain types of facilities.

In other words, Sargent, like the Democrats are perfectly happy to call people retarded. In legislation that totally reworks the entire American healthcare system, you’d think Democrats would insert a provision changing the terminology across the board.

But they did not. They could have. Since they didn’t, Sargent carries their water for them. Guess he won’t mind me pointing out his defense, like the legislation, is retarded. I mean, he’s okay with government calling people that.