There's Something About Levin

So here’s the thing: I got an early review copy of Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny.” I read it. I loved it. I set out to write a sterling review.

Then that tool Hogan stole my thunder. I can do no better and can only refer you to his review.

Getting back into power is not reason enough to stand on our basic conservative principles even though it may be the result. We need more than power-seeking – we need to stand on principle to fight the Statist… to inspire new generations of Americans to look to themselves rather than the State for progress… and to band together in the most noble of earthly causes – to preserve and protect liberty against tyranny.

Put it to you this way — over vacation I read Glenn Beck’s new book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book. But it speaks to the measure of Mark Levin’s intellect that, compared to Glenn and many others writing calls to action, Mark was able to condense down and explain for laymen a host of meaty subjects and complicated matters.

And he did so enjoyably. His book really is a call to arms and, at a time Republicans are devoid of ideas, provides a good frame work for advancement — if only the squishes in charge would learn how to read then read his book.

So why am I writing all of this? Well, having dropped the ball on my review after Hogan beat me to it, there’s something now going on worth pointing out.

Without any buzz in the media or glowing New York Times reviews, Mark’s book has sold close to 1 million copies. And ask Barack Obama’s poll numbers keep falling, Mark’s book sales keep rising. Why? Well, Obama is devoid of ideas and Mark is full of them. That’s one reason of many.

If you haven’t gotten it, go buy it. How much did I like it? I got a free copy and I still bought a copy for my Kindle so I can refer to it on the road as I start a major writing project. It really is worth reading through more than once.