Obama Makes the Scientists Mad

The scientific community has been thrown into a tizzy over one of Barack Obama’s latest appointments.The group that has fallen into worship of Mother Earth through her religion of global warming are mortified that Barack Obama put an admitted Christian in charge of the National Institutes of Health.Dan Gilgoff has the details.

One prominent critic, Paul Z. Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, who runs the anticreationist blog Pharyngula, faults Collins for suggesting that altruism cannot be explained by evolution and instead came from God. “Collins has got some big gaps in his understanding of the field of evolutionary biology,” Myers says. In comments this spring on Pharyngula, others fretted that Collins’s beliefs could influence his decisions on topics such as stem cells and sex research.

The magazine Science has a full article on the post. Remember, Science is the magazine that won’t print articles that don’t toe the scientific community’s group thought on a host of issues, including but not limited to global warming. When Science runs an article, you can be sure a good portion of the scientific community agrees.As Dan Gilgoff notes:

What stands out in the piece is that Collins’s faith is never treated as a potentially positive attribute for his leadership at NIH, other than as a public relations gesture to show Americans that faith and science aren’t irreconcilable.