MSNBC Host Helps Obama Do Prep for Tonight

So I’m a conservative activist, not a journalist. The left would have you think otherwise after an enterprising journalist discovered I’d sent Mark Sanford’s communications director saying I was happy to help deal with the “missing governor” story — even suggesting Sanford post at RedState himself.

This, of course, was before anyone knew “hiking the Appalachian Trail” was code for “hitting Argentine tail.”

Nonetheless, the left has been all over me for that email as if I’m some sort of objective reporter gone wrong. I make no secret that I am a conservative activist and, until the real story came out, it seemed the media was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Today, though, the left in its hypocrisy, is damn dead quiet over this:

MSNBC’s Ed “The Ed Show” Schultz, who told viewers he has a seat in the front row of tonight’s presser, gave President Obama a pep talk on health care last night in front of a huge “GIVE ’EM HELL” graphic. 

An MSNBC show host gets a front row seat with the press at the Obama press conference tonight AND gave Obama “a pep talk on healthcare last night” and the left and media are silent on this?

After days of trying to flog me for my email to Sanford, the left and press corp seem to have no problem with a guy posing as an actual member of the press and also giving Obama a pep talk.

As long as the media roll over like well fed kittens, Obama will keep rolling them.