What a Republican Suicide Looks Like [updated]

There are two candidates in NY-23 worth focusing on (there are actually several Republicans vying for a party nomination to run against one Democrat).One candidate is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, and is pretty fiscally responsible.The other is pro-abortion, supports gay marriage, and is pretty fiscally reckless.You’d think the first candidate is the Republican and the second is the Democrat. You would be wrong.In New York’s 23rd congressional district, Republicans are leaning toward endorsing New York Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava as their candidate for the special election there. The election is being held to replace Republican Congressman John McHugh, who Obama appointed Army Secretary.Scozzafava is both a socially and fiscally liberal loser. She cannot beat the Democrat who is both a social and (mostly) fiscal conservative and is a powerful chairman in the State Senate.Scozzafava has burned every bridge possible with every conservative interest group.If Scozzafava is the nominee, the New York Conservative Party will not support her — and they deliver vital support and money most often to Republican candidates.If Scozzafava is the GOP candidate, I will support and encourage all of you to support the Democrat, who will vote will us more often than Scozzafava ever would.Most crucially, if the GOP does choose Scozzafava to be their candidate in NY-23, the Democrats will go into the election on a timetable of their choosing with a candidate who will win, thus propelling a media narrative during the healthcare debate that Obama remains popular.In fact, the media narrative from a Democrat win in this district at this time will be devastating for the GOP as it seeks to hold back Obama on healthcare.This is what Republican suicide looks like.[updated]: I hear that the RNC will not spend one red cent in NY-23 if Scozzafava is the nominee. Good! Note this is praise for Michael Steele and him team. Well done. I hope the NRCC does the same.