Let's use this week to gather opposition to healthcare

The other day, Barack Obama said his healthcare plan would not increase the deficit.

Every proposal now being considered does increase the deficit.

It’s time to get our members of Congress on the record. There are four key questions we need to ask this week. We’ll take the data, compile it, and next week have a more accurate list of targets to build our opposition to healthcare.

Go here now. Call your member of Congress and two Senators. Ask them these questions:

  1. Barack Obama said Friday that his healthcare plan will not increase the deficit. If the plan does increase the deficit, will you oppose it?
  2. Will you oppose a plan that includes a public option?
  3. Will you oppose a plan that includes a trigger for a public option?
  4. Will you oppose provisions paying for taxpayer funded abortions?

Use the form and email me back the answers. I’ll get the answers compiled and we’ll have a better list of targets to go after next week based on how they stand on these issues.

We can defeat Obamacare. But we need to do some work.

Call now.