In NY-23, Is Dede Scozzafava the Best We Can Do?

If Dede Scozzafava is the best the New York Republicans can come up with, let’s just hand the district over to the Democrats.Let’s ignore that she is a liberal. Let’s ignore that she’s in favor of abortion rights. Let’s ignore that she is a big proponent of the gay rights agenda. Let’s ignore that she’s not really a fiscal conservative.Let’s ignore her political record, in other words, and look at her record in the private sector.Dede Scozzafava was Chief Operating Officer for Seaway Capital Partners until the end of last month.Her brother runs the company.Her company’s key subsidiaries have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal tax liens. As of July 13, 2009 – or less than a week ago – three of Dede’s businesses have $192,000 in outstanding liens.If she can’t run her business any which way but into the ground, she’s not going to be any different from the Democrats already running the country into the ground. So let’s just pass on the race and save our money if she’s going to be the nominee.You can see the liens in question here, here, and here.