We may soon see if there is significant fall out over the comedy in Albany

For the past month, New York residents have been treated to a comedy of the absurd it their General Assembly. First the Democrats controlled the Senate. Then a man who beat up a woman jumped ship to the GOP along with another guy. The GOP took over. The Democrats walked out leaving the State Senate without a quorum.Then the Democrats boarded themselves up in the State Senate and pretended to have a quorum and began passing legislation without a majority of people present. Then one of the jumpers to the GOP, Pedro Espada, jumped back to the Democrats after they promised to name him Majority Leader. Espanda, by the way, has faced multiple prosecutions and indictments for using government funded HMO’s and other healthcare organizations to fund his election bids.Nodding along with the Democrats through all of this and supporting their efforts to woo people who beat up women and people who use non-profit funds intended for the poor for their own elections was state Senator Darrell Aubertine.Now Aubertine might run for Congress.

The National Republican Congressional Committee signaled Monday that it intends to use the monthlong stalemate in the state Senate against state Sen. Darrel Aubertine (D) if he becomes a candidate in the special election to replace Rep. John McHugh (R).

This will be fun.