Contributing to the Morning Briefing

Some of you have asked about having your stuff in the morning briefing. My apologies. It has never been intended to be a “front pagers only” thing.In a couple of weeks, the morning briefing audience is going to dramatically expand to well over half a million daily subscribers.The target audience, however, has always been morning drive time talk radio show hosts. That’s why the Morning Briefing uses posts from the prior day — stuff the morning guys are going to talk about for the first time and also stuff others are going to be talking about with new takes.Here are some guidelines for the Morning Briefing that I use:Several of you have asked for some tips on writing that will help me get stuff into the morning briefing. Here goes:(1) Your first couple of paragraphs should provide a good over view of the more detailed information within the post. If you have just a short post, don’t worry about it.(2) You should rely more on your own writing than just a blockquote with a sentence or two of commentary.(3) Do what Brian Faughnan does with blockquotes. He summarizes what has happened and then provides the blockquote from an external source with the specific facts related to the summary. It makes my life very easy. Blockquotes don’t translate well in the email.(4) Remember who the target is. The target is morning talk radio hosts. They want good details in the summary. I try to avoid posts that have a lot of “I” and “me” in them, but are more general. Also, the focus has to be either the big stories of the day or the things that we really should be talking about that aren’t getting talked about.(5) Above all else, remember the audience in general. And this goes for absolutely everything you write here. At RedState, our typical reader is, surprisingly, a married 42 year old male father of 2 who commutes to a white collar job and earns about $80,000.00 a year. He reads RedState, a few news sites, and a sports site. He is not a blogger and is not down with all the meta-narratives, memes, and obscure pop culture references we all sometimes like to use for intra-blog humor. In fact, one thing that makes our readers unique is that most are offline activists who come to us for their online fix.I hope that helps. And I will do a better job of pulling from the member diaries as we move forward. Leave any questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them.