On the "Cheney Didn't Tell Us" Lie

I’m on record that this story is a distraction designed to take the heat off Nancy Pelosi lying about and smearing the CIA. It is also a distraction for conservatives who tend to focus on national security issues instead of things like socialized healthcare.

Nonetheless, while Democrats are screaming that evil Dick Cheney did not tell them about a CIA program, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency says Congress did know about it.

Former CIA Director Michael V. Hayden angrily struck back Saturday at assertions that the Bush administration’s post-9/11 surveillance program was more far-reaching than imagined and was largely concealed from congressional overseers.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Hayden said that top members of Congress were kept well informed all along the way, notwithstanding protests from some that they were kept in the dark.

It is worth nothing that Michael Hayden, when appointed Director of the CIA, was a career military guy. He was not a Republican or Democrat partisan, unlike Leon Panetta, a long time Democrat partisan now in charge. Panetta has decided to play political games at the behest of the Obama administration to distract Americans from Obama’s legislative policies.

Remember, it was only a couple of months ago that an Obama administration official told David Broder of the Washington Post that Obama was suffering because Bush was not in the news any more. This is a way to get him back in the news as a distraction.

How many Americans are going to get killed while the Obama administration plays games with our national security?